Here are a few of the messages e-mailed to Tammy after her November 2001 one-woman show at the Palace Theater in Los Angeles.

Click here for an article about Tammy's one-woman show from SF Weekly.

Hi Tammy-

As discussed by you at your Los Angeles show, I just wanted to tell you that I DID turn off my cell phone for a day and the world didn't end. And I did take off my shoes and stand in some grass and really feel the blades of grass in-between my toes. Thanks for your perspective, it is so genuine and heartfelt--something that one does not get much of here in L.A.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in the New Year!


Hey Tam!

Well I had a blast on my first trip to California! . . . Roe was so nice when I saw him between and after the show. And you were wonderful! It's just too bad they couldnt get the sound system working properly... but you handled it like a pro! I can tell you that out in the audience everyone was raving! They loved the show.. and there was such a mixed group of people there! Everyone from old PTL people to young punks! I also wanted to compliment you on how you explained what your motivation was for reaching out to left out groups of people.. How you said that you were trying to bring in the world that you came from and take their world and stretch the arms of love around everyone... .I think that really helps people who were your fans before to understand what you're doing now. I think with that one analigy you answered questions that old supporters of yours were wanting to ask. Good for you Tammy-you're doing what Jesus did! I just wish there had been a reporter there ! to ask me what I thought of the show! haha Hope to hear from yall soon!




We loved your show at the Palace on Saturday night. You were funny, inspirational and showed incredible professional poise in light of the audio and lighting issues. We gathered personal strength from the strength and courage you displayed.

We wish you success in your upcoming performances as well as personal happiness and the best of health.

All the Best to Ro as well.

Please extend our thanks to Joe for inviting us.

The Pink Family
Pink's Hot Dogs

Dear Ms. Tammy Faye,

Congratulations on an absolutely marvelous show in Los Angeles! It was such a thrill to meet you beforehand. My partner and I were the first to greet you downstairs and you accepted my gift so graciously (a signed photo of myself from "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial").

I send you this message with prayer that the Lord may return to you all the compassion you have shared with those that know and love you. For all the reasons the Lord has given me to rejoice, having your inspiring word and song has been one of my greatest blessings. You give of yourself unselfishly, without asking much in return. You listen to people without judging, always seeing the beauty within.

My partner and I are about to adopt a baby with the loving assistance of a delightful Christian couple living in Northridge, California. Your love, your humor, and your inspiration has always offered me encouragement when I needed it the most. These are qualities we hope to pass on to the new little person about to be welcomed into our world. Thank you for welcoming all of us into your world, Tammy.

May His Spirit be at work through you for many years to come!

Love Always,


Dear Ms. Messner:

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your cabaret show on Saturday night at the Palace Theater downtown. You were in peak form, and I liked your sense of humor about the sound problems. Your humor and steadfast cheerfulness are inspiring. I hope to hear more from you in the future in Los Angeles.



i had the privelege of being in the audience this past Saturday for your one woman show at the Palace in Los Angeles.

I just wanted to tell you that I had such a wonderful evening - and that you put on such a wonderful show!!!

I haven't been to church in years - as I was brought up Catholic and they just aren't that accepting of gay people - but it was so nice to see you and be welcomed by you - and to bring a little spirituality back into my life!!

You are a pillar of strength and such an inspiration!!

Please do more shows!!

Michael M.
Los Angeles

Just wanted to let you know how much fun my friends and I had at your L.A. show-- you had the whole crowd eating out of your hands!

Best wishes,

Dear Tammy,

I attended your One Woman Show last Saturday night in LA with 7 of my friends (several from NC who now live as I do in LA). I was also at the "meet and greet". I am originally from Suffolk VA, and mentioned to you that I watched your childrens show as a child. I later moved to NC to attend college, and followed you through the years...through the ups and downs.

I wanted to thank you for keeping your faith and spirit and for allowing us to share in your radience of both. I have for years used your "you can't go forward in life looking in the rear view mirror" to remind myself and friends that you have to live in the present and hope for the future...what has happened has happened...and I know you know about that.

It was a pleasure and a wonderfully uplifting experience to meet you and hear you sing your spirited songs live. I have had my copy of "We're Blest" on my turntable for years just to remind me I'm blessed, and there's "No Shortage". I now have my autographed copy of the album cover hanging on my wall.

May God continue blessing you.
Los Angeles

Hi Tammy-

I had the honor of attending your show in LA this past Saturday. It was a a wonderful experience. Even technical difficulties couldn't prevent me from enjoying your truly entertaining & inspiring tales. And all delivered with a terrific touch of humor.

I walked out of the Palace Theatre on Saturday night feeling quite moved emotionally. To be honest, I avoid most types of ministry. I was raised Catholic, but being a gay man I felt compelled to look beyond organized religion. Although I don't identify as a religious person, I do define myself as a spiritual person with an open mind. I constantly seek out other people's stories & experiences to help me define my own spiritual journey.

Your message of love was delivered straight from the heart. You exemplify how incredible life can be if you embrace & love our differences rather than fear & hate them. Thank you!!!

Much love,

I just wanted to tell you that when I found out you were going to be in LA I caught the first plane out. I was at a point in my life when I needed some cheering up. I have been watching you since 1987 when I first tuned you in. I dont know why God works like he does but it seems everytime I felt I couldnt go on there you appeared again in my life. I wish I had the power to get you on TV everyday where you belong!

I got to meet you after the show and that will always be a highlight in my life. Thank you for being you.

You said in your show that people asked you why you were so supportive of the gay community and why gay people liked you so much. I have that answer for you. There isnt a gay person I know who would choose to be different and to feel different from others. The only thing I can think is GOd made us that way. We go through life always struggling and being ridiculed, persecuted etc. We look to role moldels who are strong, over come adversity, and survive all the while NEVER giving up their faith in God or themselves. You personify this. When we look at what obsticles you have overcome it makes us realize that we too can be strong and go on all the while holding our heads up high.

Well, now Im teary eyed. I also wanted to tell you if you ever need a good interior designer. I would love to help you out free of charge. I get great discounts! LOL...

Take care and GOD bless!!


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