April 2, 2004

Hello dear friends,

By the time you read this I will have started the first phase of cancer treatments. They will operate on me Monday (April 5) at which time they will insert a catheter in my chest for the chemo treatments. The actual treatment will begin on April 8th.

I am nervous about it all, and a little scared. Iím so glad that I know a God that has never, ever failed me. I KNOW HE will NOT fail me this time either.

I have a little saying that means a lot to me. It says, ďDonít tell God how big your problem is, tell your problem how big God is.Ē That is what I am doing, several times a day. Iím telling cancer that God is bigger than it is! Cancer is just a name and I know a name that supersedes the name of every disease, and that Name is JESUS! He was beaten almost to death on the way to the cross. Those stripes on His body were for our HEALING! By His stripes we ARE healed, the Bible says. I believe that with my whole heart!

I want to take this time to say thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart for your continued prayers. There is a young lady who emailed me and she said, ďTammy, stop and listen when you get into bed at night, and hear the soft sound of people kneeling down by their beds to say a prayer for you.Ē I have shed many many tears of thankfulness as I have read your precious letters and emails encouraging me to be strong and letting me know that you are praying for me.

Thank you once again for the books, tapes, cards, letters and emails. I wish it were possible to answer each of you personally, but thousands of you have written. I am so overwhelmed by your kindness.

I am meeting people every day that are going through the same thing I am, or have gone through it already. I met a young man today that had just gone through a liver transplant due to cancer. We stood and talked for a long time in the parking lot of Chiliís! Iím so grateful I have shared this time of my life with you. You are helping me to get through it with your daily love and encouragement! I will try to update you as often as possible.
  I love you,

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