May 7, 2004
Hello everyone!

I thank God every day for YOU!! I really do!

I was supposed to start Chemo here in Charlotte last Monday. Tests showed that my red and white cell count were down so far that Chemo was not possible. I asked you to pray and I just left the doctors office with a “good report”!! My count is up both white and red and I can start Chemo again this coming Monday. I will be there for 6 hours Monday and two and a half hours on Tuesday.

I need you to pray for one more thing, please… the cancer count has been 21. It’s supposed to be 6. As of today it is up to almost 27. It needs to come DOWN! It’s going the WRONG WAY! Ha! They say this is not significant, that if it were jumping by tens or twenties they would be concerned. But any jump UP is significant to me. So God answered your prayers for the white and red cells to go UP, PLEASE pray that the cancer number will go DOWN.

I’m so glad that you are there for me to talk to and share with. Sometimes I get really scared!

Oh, my hair is still hanging in there! YEAH God! Ha ha!!

I love you, my friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping to think about me and then praying for me. You will never know how much I love you for that and how much I appreciate you taking your time to ask God to heal my body.

They have taken out so much blood…… so many of those long bottles; I hope they don’t “drain me dry!!!! Ha Ha!

My mouth is still really sore and I cannot taste food… oh, that’s not exactly true, I CAN taste white cake with butter cream frosting! Ha! Maybe THAT accounts for the fact that I’m not losing any weight through this ordeal! Ha!
  Lots of love,




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