June 30, 2004

Hello everyone, it’s just me again.

I have happy, happy news! Last Friday I had a CAT scan and a PET scan. Funny, they sound like the same thing… cat and pet?? Ha! I never saw the cat or whoever’s pet they are talking about! Ha Ha!

I went to the doctor this Monday and he was smiling… “You want to hear some news? All the cancer is gone except one little spot, about an inch and a half long next to your heart!” I raised both my arms shouting, “Thank You, Jesus, thank You, Jesus!”

He then told me that he felt that four more treatments would kill that spot. That is the spot that affects my speech and my singing. Wouldn’t you know that would be the devil’s stronghold, but the ol' devil DOES NOT WIN! He was defeated on Calvary hundreds of years ago, and the only power he has is what we give him. My voice comes and goes, so PLEASE continue to pray that I will be able to sing again.

I became terribly sick after my last chemo treatment. Everything hurt. My tummy burned like it was on fire, my throat burned, my mouth was so sore I could not brush my teeth, my bones ached. Chemo is a bag full of surprises! You never know what part of you it’s going to affect from one week to the next. I stayed in bed for days because my tummy was too sick to let me get up. My shopping really suffered! Ha! Ha! Just think of all the great bargains I MUST HAVE MISSED! I always think that Value City, Marshall’s and Burlington Coat Factory could not survive without ME! Ha Ha! I have a responsibility to them! Ha!

The cancer number which has been 25 has fallen to 10. I am so thankful to God, and for the prayers you have offered up to Him on my behalf. I’m believing Him for a full miracle! I only have 4 more points to go and my count will be normal.

I was supposed to start my chemo again last Monday but my white & red blood cell count was too low so they sent me home. I start again tomorrow, Thursday. That is if my count is still 10… who knows, it might just be 5 or 6 the next time they take my blood. I just rest in the Lord. I KNOW that it will be as long as He allows it to be, or as short as He wants it to be. I trust Him totally! I love the slogan, “NO FEAR!”

I’m so glad that we can trust God with our lives. It brings great peace to me to KNOW that our GOD IS IN CONTROL!!

One day two Russian men were talking. One said, there is no God. If God exists someone is going to have to PROVE it to me. The other man said, Come outside with me, my friend. The two men walked out into the night. The one said to the other, Look at those stars… as long as they continue to shine, God is still in control. I think of that little story every time I see the stars and I say to myself, “Tammy Faye, God is STILL in control!” As long as those stars are shining I have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear!

  God bless you my friends,



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