July 19, 2004

Dear friends,

Every day I look around me and think about how good it is to be ALIVE and how wonderful it is to live in the United States of America. I think that I could have been born anywhere, BUT GOD and His great mercy allowed me to be born free! I thank God for that!

I have had a rough two weeks! I don’t like to talk about it because the Bible says, “In all things give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” I have felt your continued prayers when I felt like I could not get out of bed, much less walk. I have felt your prayers as my hands and feet became so numb that I can hardly feel them, my teeth feel “too tight” and my finger nails feel “too tight!” Ha Ha! My husband, Roe, laughs when I say my teeth feel too tight! Whoever would believe THAT… well, denture wearers maybe! Ha! It is starting to wear on me that I can’t taste food of any kind. It has been 4 months and I no longer want to eat. But the good news is I’ve lost some weight! Ha Ha! Yeaah! But that is NOT a fun way to lose weight! I can barely walk up our stairs because I get so short of breath!

My voice continues to be a concern to me. It comes and goes. I still sound raspy and I still cannot sing. I pray and I pray and I pray but I still sound the same. I have put my voice in God’s hands and I know He never fails. It will all happen in God’s timing (which sure is different than ours), Ha! What a lesson in patience! Yuck! I HATE to wait for anything! Ha! I think God has a great sense of humor!

Still the GREAT NEWS is that my cancer number which was 27 is now down to 7.7! Thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus! The tumor which was about 3” is now down to an inch and a half. So, if you feel worse before you feel better… well… ha ha!

I talked to my doctor on Friday and we decided to give my body a rest from chemotherapy… I don’t see him again until August 10th. (He wants my cancer number at 3 before he stops chemo.) At that time we will discuss what to do next. I KNOW I am healed. HEALING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FEELING! Healing is a process; a miracle happens on the spot, no waiting!

I continue to push my body into doing things it really doesn’t feel like doing but I feel better when I am working or shopping! Ha Ha! I am on my way to California, next week, to minister for two nights, one is a youth service! I am so excited! I hope to see all of you at Gateway City Center in Hollywood! I will be doing a couple of shows with VH1; one show is on religion in the US and the other is on reality shows. Pray that God will grant me wisdom.

Please don’t stop praying for me. Thanks to all of you for writing and emailing. I read EVERY one and sit and cry as I read them. Your words are so kind to me and I cherish them, you will never know!






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