February 22, 2005

Hello my friends,

It’s a beautiful day here in Charlotte, NC. I hope it’s a great day where you are.

This month was my grandson James' 16th birthday. We celebrated by going out to dinner, everyone stayed at our house that night and we spent the next day celebrating by SHOPPING! An iPod was on the list of most wanted birthday presents. I’d never even heard of one. To me it sounded like something straight out of a space movie. But now I know it’s a high tech device that downloads music from the computer for 99 cents a song. I know where to find them, what colors they come in and that you can pay anywhere from $249 and up! Ha!ha! YES, he got one!

Then we did something really fun. We went to a place where you can “make a bear” or a cat or monkey or pig or rabbit etc. You walk into this store and all these little animals are laying flat in bins. You pick out your favorite and stand in a long line holding your limp little guy and wait for this big machine filled with stuffing to get to you. While you wait you are watching the person (young or old) getting his or her animal filled with soft white stuffing. You watch as they take a little red heart from a container, and here’s where it becomes funny. They are instructed as what to do to “bring their pet to life”. Well a young guy about 30 was the first. He had a bear. He held it following the instructions of the lady sitting by the “stuffing machine”. His little red heart in his hand, he raised it to his lips and kissed it on both sides, he then rubbed it on his forehead (to give it brains) he then rubbed it on his arm (I don’t know what that was for), he then did a little dance, turned around three times and with the ceremony complete they carefully placed the heart in his bear. Well, by that time the entire line was laughing hysterically. Now I had second thoughts as I stood there, my little kitty in my hand………but then the thought occurred to me, “hey, this wouldn’t be the FIRST time I’ve made a complete fool of myself”! ha!ha! So I decided to see it through. I laughed and laughed as my grandsons went through the ritual, then it was me and my daughter Tammy Sue’s turn. We did it together, her with her monkey and me with my cat. For just a little white I felt like a little girl again. We kissed our little red hearts, did our dance and turned around in circles and watched as they sewed up our new fuzzy friends.

The next step is to pick out cloths from hundreds of items. You sure don’t want your little guy or gal to go naked! So away we went lost in a world of fashion. Tammy Sue did her monkey up very fashionable in a jeans skirt, matching top and clogs, a monkey can’t go without SHOES! I put my kitty in a pink bathrobe and cute marabou slippers. James dressed his bear in a top hat with all the trimmings and Jonathan dressed his in a tux! It will be a memory we will never forget. We walked out of the store carrying our pet boxes complete with birth certificate. I heard a saying once that I really loved. It said, “take a day and act your shoe size.” I was 5 ½ that day. What fun!

I want you to know that I am feeling well, my last PET scan taken three weeks ago was the same as the one before. Nothing has changed for which I am so thankful. I continue to meet people everyday who are fighting and winning the battle over cancer. We constantly encourage each other. We wear out bracelets to remind us. Whether they are yellow, pink, teal or white they all say, I care, I am there for you, I’ve been there too or have a family member that has been there. A silent form of encouragement.

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February 22, 2005

I met a lady in line at the store yesterday and she told me that her daughter had e-mailed me and was so disappointed when she didn’t receive an answer back from me. I explained to her that there is no possible way I can answer everyone’s e-mail. There are just too many. But PLEASE know that I read EVERY ONE! I try to answer as many of the “emergency letters” as I can and if you ask for prayer I PRAY FOR YOU! I have agonized and agonized over what to do when I am over blessed with your wonderful messages of encouragement. I have not been able to come up with an answer. So if you have not received a reply PLEASE FORGIVE ME it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just impossible to.

I do want you to know that I use a hole punch and have spent hours putting your e-mails in notebooks. They are precious to me and I can take them out and read them like a wonderful book.

I want to wish everyone that has a birthday coming up a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Take the day and “act your shoe size”! Turn off your computer, leave your cell phone home (I dare you) ha!ha! Grab some friends and have a day of FUN! RELAXATION! Life is short! Don’t get too busy to ENJOY it! And, don’t ruin TODAY by worrying about TOMORROW! Another little saying I love, “Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anyplace”!

When you feel overwhelmed just say like I often do “Tammy, lighten up”! But put your name in place of mine or it doesn’t work! Ha!ha!


Lots of love & laughter


My daughter Tammy Sue Bakker has just had a song from her new CD “There Is a Medicine” hit the chart of “Old Time & New Country”. The song is “Hello God”. You can order her new CD through me, her very proud Mom! Your $15.00 includes postage & handling.

Congratulations Tammy Sue Bakker!









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