November 15, 2005

Hello Friends,

Itís so good to have a chance to talk with you once again. Whoever thought that the time would come when so many could be reached by something called the computer and e-mail! What an exciting time we are living in. A long way from the outdoor bathroom, the wringer washing machine you pushed into the kitchen and filled with water by hand, hanging clothes on a clothes line in 40 below zero weather. We are blessed! I hope that you stop what you are doing once in a while and say ďthank you GodĒ!

I want to say thank you for all the encouraging e-mails and letters that come to me daily. I read every one of them. Right now they are sitting in huge stacks in my little bedroom office. They have been read but sadly it is impossible to answer them. It would take me all day everyday doing nothing but writing. My heart wants so bad to send each of you an answer. I do the one thing I can do and that is I pray for your requests. PLEASE know that I am being encouraged everyday by having you in my life via your messages. I feel your hurts and your joys as I read. And my arms reach out and hug you even though you canít feel that hug!

Today I feel like a little girl who needs her Mom. I wish I could pick up the phone and dial and she would be there on the other end. But, Mom went to be with Jesus she so loved many years ago. I donít think you ever get over needing Mom.

I just go back from a visit with one of my doctors. I am on my way out of town to do another TV program. I know they are going to ask me about cancer, so I asked him to please help me explain where I am at this time. You see, last week I got what I felt was a GREAT REPORT. I left the office feeling like my feet couldnít touch the ground. All the tests I took, CAT/PET scan etc., turned out GREAT. My cancer marker had gone from 47 to 10, which is almost normal. If Iím not mistaken, I think 0 to 2 is where they want your marker to be, indicating as far as they can see no presence of cancer. That is as I understand it. PLEASE donít quote me on this, Iím NOT a doctor. Iím just sharing with you what Iíve heard.

The doctor today said my report was indeed a good report. He said they are really pleased with the results of radiation on my left lung. They said they could not detect in the x-rays any other cancer, so it has not spread. He said the fact that it had taken 9 years for colon cancer to spread to my lung was a good indication that they will be able to keep it under control they hope for many years. He said they just need for me to keep getting tested so if the cancer marker should go up we will know. Meanwhile I will be seeing my oncologist next week and see what we can do to bring my present marker down to at least a 5.

I am feeling GREAT! I have lots of energy! I am doing everything I can do to obtain a healthy body. I want to thank those of you who have so graciously sent me information on natural remedies and information on nutrition. You have suggested places where I can go to obtain cancer treatment that is natural. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have used many of the natural supplements and I know they help. Itís all about the immune system and building it up. I understand that. I feel sometimes that my brain is on over load with good information. Ha! Ha! I think Iíve earned a ďdoctorateĒ in good cancer cures. Ha! Iím not trying to make light of a very serious subject but heck people, this is my third time around and Iím still alive and kicking! Ha!

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November 15, 2005

Larry King once asked me, ďWho do you give credit to for beating cancer, God or the doctors?Ē I first of all give credit to the God who created me. Since he made my body, he knows all about its parts and pieces and I believe he has the ability to fix, replace, restore, and heal that which He created. I also believe in THE MEDICAL PROFESSION and the wonderful breakthroughs science has made in medicines to heal the body. And, the skills He has given to dedicated men and women in the medical profession. I have a new respect for the calling in their lives. They are certainly ďGodís hands extendedĒ. I for one am so grateful they are there when we need them. I wish there were bigger words than ďthank youĒ.

Many of you read in one of the magazines that I am terminal. Well, as Larry King reminded me, we are all TERMINAL. I trust the God I serve with me, I trust Him with my family. He has given me great peace of mind. ďI will fear no evil for thou art with meĒ! I want to close today with a favorite verse from the Bible. When I get scared or start to worry I let this verse of scripture wash over my mind:

Jeremiah 29:11-12-13
For the plans I have for you, says the Lord, they are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray I will listen, you will find me when you seek me, if you look for me in earnest.

May God Bless You Today!

  Much love,















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