February 17, 2006

Dear Friends,

A couple of days ago I walked into my doctor’s office with the assistance of my husband and my son James. His ministry has so graciously provided someone to help him so that he can come and spend some time with Mom. I appreciate that more than they will ever know.

A few weeks ago I found myself desperately ill. In all my years of life I have never been this sick. The doctors are trying every test they can think of. My last test turned out great, but I still feel soooo sick. For some reason I cannot stop clearing my throat and the mucus is about to strangle me it gets so thick. I had to have two bags of “that stuff” that puts nutrients back into your body. I had become so weak I could hardly walk. I have not been able to eat or swallow.

I have walked the floors of our little house crying the name of Jesus over and over and over for hours. The Bible says that the name of Jesus is above ALL names and is all powerful; I know that to be true as I feel I would be dead right now had it not been for that beautiful name of JESUS. I have laid at night with a prayer cloth over me and my Bible open on my tummy. One night I got so desperate that I called my girlfriend Suzanne and kept getting the wrong number. I was almost at my wits end when a voice broke in and said “if you are not finished with your message please continue.” I hadn’t even started! Suzanne and Doctor Oral Roberts had bought me a nightgown and prayed over that nightgown that God would heal my body. I’ve been dragging that around like a “baby’s blanket”, holding on to the promises of the Lord for dear life. I never did get Suzanne, but I got Jesus. I heard Him say “Rise and be healed in the name of Jesus.” God is so good!

A couple of days ago my daughter was determined she was going to get something down Mom. She went to the Chinese restaurant. She bought me 4 bowls of won ton soup and gave me a deadline. We all laughed, yes, even me. I’m a little behind but every bite I can swallow I thank Jesus with all my heart. My friends are kidding with me as tomorrow I leave for Dallas for 4 days, then come back home for a few days and go back to Dallas to do TBN and then a couple of weeks later Larry King wants me on his show again. When we got Larry’s invitation, I started to cry, not knowing if it was going to be “Hi” again or a chance to say goodbye to so many good friends. You see, I get scared too! Oh, back to what one of my friends said “boy, the old devil must really be ticked off at you.” But I thank God that the devil's power was decided over at Calvary and he “only has as much as we will give him.”

I hope to ask for prayer for me because I KNOW that you already have been and I love you so much for that. I would ask that you pray that I will be able to swallow, chew and drink. And…THAT GOD WILL DELIVER ME OF THIS CONSTANT CLEARING OF MY THROAT. I am continuing to keep my faith up in the Lord. Sometimes I lay awake at night and pray, “Please dear Jesus let someone be praying for me”. At that same time I pray for some I’ve promised to pray for. I pray that my next letter will be; “I feel GREAT, let’s pray for someone else tonight.”

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February 17, 2006

I remember a little prayer my mom used to pray with all 8 of us kids. “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. God bless Mom, Daddy, Tammy, Larry, Ruth, Judy, Danny, Johnny and Donny. And Lord please help all the other little children in the world who are cold and hungry tonight oh and the little animals too.”

The other day a news channel called me and said “Well we know you are going to be alive a long time, but if something were to happen what would your last words be to your children?”

I said: “Just make sure you make it to Heaven so we can all be together again”.






















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