Enjoy some of Tammy's favorite personal pictures!

Tammy, Larry King, and Roe

Ron Jeremy with Tammy and Roe



WSOC morning show, Charlotte-Sports Page Morning Show, TC, Jim & Gary

Aaron's favorite picture of Tammy

Tammy, Melanie, and Roe

Tammy, Roe, Jay, Amanda, James, Jonathan

Happy Birthday my dear Amanda Bakker and Bruce Perry, who took us to dinner before seeing GREASE (the play) here in Charlotte.

June 10, 2004 Bruce & Tammy at Mimosa Grille


Tammy with "Maggiecassella",
her new Barb Hawarth original doll

Tammy taking chemo


Tammy taking chemo with her friend MaryAnna

Tammy taking chemo with her "girlfriends"

Tammy's son Jay with Ozzy

Tammy's very good friends, Tuppins and Muffin

Tammy kisses Tuppins

Tammy makes fudge!

Tammy with Bill & Jeannie Garthwaite
(the man who started Tammy on TV)


Tammy and some friends

Tammy preaching and sharing

Tammy preaching

Tammy preaching and sharing

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