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(Uniontown Ohio)
You are very missed but are still in our hearts. You have imprinted on many peoples hearts and lives. Miss you much. Love Linda
Patrick Swigert
(Grove City, Ohio)
I wish you were still here,I began watching ptl and Jim and Tammy when it first started. I more than likely have nearly every show on VHS. When I was going thru some really rough times, On the show It was like Tammy was talking to me. "Don't Give Up, You can make it. I was a member of the ptl heritage family.May you rest in Peace,
(Tulsa, OK)
I thought of you today. How you loved and carried such grace for your fellow man til the day you crossed over. I know you are joyful in Heaven, but we sure miss your kind, loving spirit on this earth. We need more Tammy Faye's.
Chantelle Daizadeh
(Scottsdale, Az)
In the 80's u gave me courage to drop the fake "friends" & go down a better path. Your music is an inspiration! In Az. U & I became personal friends and it was the thrill of my life. You overcame a lot and u were the most nonjudgmental person I ever knew. Every time I put on my lashes I think of u!
(Denver, Colorado)
I only recently became aware of your true story, and who you truly were as a person. I'm in awe of someone who was able to battle through so much adversity with such grace, dignity, and forgiveness. I'm not an especially religious person, but if there is a God, and I hope there is, he has a special place reserved for you at his side. You are very special..
Gary Abosch
(Independence, MO)
Very few people have the ability to stay with me thru the years. There really was no one like her. Often I can hear her say "oh, Jim" as she would often do with tears in her eyes talking about the Lord. I felt connected to her as I am very sensitive also and really enjoyed watching the PTL club in the mornings before going to school. I will always cherish that program and the Bakers no matter their mistakes for all the joy it gave me and laughs I would have with Mom when Tammy wouldn't quite hit a note or seemed to be taking it over the top. Miss her dearly and imagine her dancing in heaven.
I learned much from your Christian spirit. You are missed.
Thinking of you again today and the huge impact you've had on my walk with the Lord. 8/2012
Just watched the show about you. Always loved you even though I think Tv religion is bunk. But just adored you after watching the show .You where an incredible woman.If you had been in any other field but religion you would have been another Bill Gates. Your children should be so proud of having such a strong creative mother. And really what Jim did in yhe scheme of things wasn't that horrible. You always came back swinging . I dont know how but you did. An inspiration and a must watch for my daughters
josha lane 29
(tuscaloosa, al)
Tammy, I know that god has taken you home and that while on earth you did his will that he had willed out to you. You are truely missed and greatly loved. I'm a lil jealous to know that finally you know what its like to have true soul resting peace, but I don't stay jealous cause deep down inside ill see you behind those pearly gates with that heart warming smile and twinkle in your eye. I celebrate you instead of moarn you cause that's what intended on cry when a baby is born and celebrate when we lay a loved one to rest. God bless you your family and those you touched while on earth. May your soul be intimately full of happiness and joy. My blessed sister, prophet j. Lane
(Madison, WI )
I just stumbled upon the film "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" when I clicked the ad. I love history so I really enjoyed listening to Tammy explain what really happened with PTL back in the 80's. I had no idea that Tammy was such a free spirited being who truly loves people and is authentic; it reminds me of the song "And they'll know we are Christians by our Love". I was a teen in the 80's when the media attacked Tammy, Jim, and the PTL organization and I still see low-minded people made fun of Tammy's looks. I had no idea that Tammy was a true co-creator -- she and Jim built stable televangelist networks and then the snakes then come and steal them and promote their right wing anti-Christ agendas. I sincerely thank Tammy, Jim and others who have introduced the masses to the Bible and I pray that Tammy and her family will forever be protected by the Holy Spirit. A note: I was looking for the song "Spirit of the Living God, fall upon me" when I found this documentary so now I'll go on to Youtube. Tammy really lifted my spirits with the tune "Don't give up...". I know that Tammy's in heaven.
(Washington State)
My dear cousin - I miss you every day. Our chats, laughter and tears. I know you are enjoying being with our Mom's and Grandmas but I still miss you
Dane Ellis Allen
(Half Way, Mo. USA)
Dear Tammy Faye, up in heaven, you be, and save a seat for me, those tall gold walls of heaven must be a sight to see, and peace and joy abounds with lions friends with the docile lambs
(Louisville, KY)
When I was young, I lived in Charlotte. I witnessed the downfall of PTL. I was immature and didn't understand your message. But. life happens and you grow up and I came to understand you and deeply admire you.
I actually broke down and cried when I saw you on Larry King. Years passed; I went through the struggle of cancer myself; tonight (5/8/12), I just happened to see a link online to "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" and I watched it. What a beautiful person you truly were. I saw your phone interview with the TBN guy- you reminded me of how I made it through my own brush with death - Give it all to God, trust completely in God. Somehow, I had known to do that in that terrible time, and God pulled me through. I am crying right now because you have made me realize that I have lost sight of that and I need to get back onto that track. God loves you; you are still inspiring people. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world. You are eternal.
(New York)
Can't believe you're been gone for five years.
Stacy Payne
(Springfield/ Branson MO.)
My heart stiLL feeLs all this. I am so excited to see TaMMy Sue on stage. It was the talk of the theater this morning. huGs.
Tammy Faye was a great lady. She was a true shining example of how to love your neighbor. The world needs more of what Tammy Faye had. She was a blessing.
Karen G
(Tijeras, New Mexico)
Tammy I am sad about your passing.You meant alot to me as you brought me to God when I needed it most.I was in an abusive relationship and your inspiration helped me get through it.Thank you and I love you.
I still come back to this site from time to time. I just finished reading one of Tammy Faye's books once again. She was & still is such an inspiration to me. Her fortitude, kindness, sincerity... just everything about Tammy Faye touches me to this day. I so wish she hadn't died so young but her legend will live on forever. I love you, Tammy Faye... and look forward to seeing you again, in heaven. XOXOXO
Rev Rhiannon
My heart still breaks to kow it's been over a year and a half that our Dearest Tammy has passed. I still feel this is not true. My Heart goes out to the family and her Husband. Thanks for keeping Tammy alive via website.
Many Blessings and Prayers to the family.

Love always a Friend and Fan
Rev. Rhiannon
When I used to see you on television, I could not understand anything of what your ministry meant. I do remember your doing a version of "His Eyes is on the Sparrow" which left a deep imprint on me spiritually--many, many years later, I can only think of you with great compassion and great love. May God bless you, my Resurrected Sister!
Phillip M. Byrd
Dear Tammy, You were the epitomy of a christian. I wish I had known more people like you when growing up in church. You showed your love for gay people like no christian I have ever known. I know God has you resting and rejoicing in His arms. By the way, tell Vestal hello. Sometimes I have to ask God why He took both of you, but I know that ya'll are having a wonderful time and if I close my eyes I can hear you both singing by the river of life. Do not forget me as I will never forget you. Love, Phillip
(florence ky.)
hey are missed...and was an inspiration to all...the picture of dignity under pressure....r.i.p.

and you can make it!!!
I hope you are having a heavenly birthday today :)
(New Mexico)
Tammy Faye, today, March 6th '09 is your birthday, I know you are having a wonderful celebration with the angel's in heaven. Happy Birthday
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