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margaret curless
(oklahoma city, oklahoma)
Dear One,
I don't know you. I have watched interviews with you on Larry King. I have been impressed with your honesty and your very loving spirit. I am sad that you are having so much pain in your illness and I wish for you comfort and peace. You have shown great dignity and grace and have been an inspiration to me that we are not alone. That God's love heals all things. Again, I wish you comfort and peace in your journey and that you continue to stay close to God. One of the things about you that is so dear is your wonderful sense of humor and your ability to laugh at yourself and that regardless of what happens to you you have chosen to find the good in all experiences. God bless you and all those you love.
(Beaverton, OR)
When I was a little girl my mother was a member of the PTL Club. She loved to watch you and Jim Baker on TV...she loved to teach me and my sister about the lord. I just have short story to make you crack a small evening my mother was watching and you were preaching that jesus was coming back to get the faithful, that the time was near. My mother noticed my that I was no where around....when she finally found me I was sitting in the floor of my closet...gathering cloths and putting them into a suitcase. She asked me what I was doing and I said getting ready for Jesus because he is on his way to get us....and then I asked...."are we taking his car or ours mom?" I am 31 now...and I was 5 mother still tells that story and it makes everyone laugh...I hope it makes your heart smile......25 years after that and that little girl is a woman with 5 year olds...and I wish you well.....
(Raleigh, NC)
Tammy, I have been a fan of yours for years. Thanks for making the world a better place. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Don't give up; you're on the brink of a miracle!
(Los Angeles, CA)
Hi Tammy -- I did not know you were ill until I saw your story on TV just now -- You are so strong and full of faith -- I believe you can overcome this! I have been a big fan of yours since I saw your documentary, "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" a few years ago. I was so impressed with your ability to keep smiling and laughing through all your struggles -- you are an inspiration!

Love and many prayers,

Theron and April L. Jackson
(Moreno Valley, CA)
Our dear sister Tammy,
My wife and I Prayed to our Heavenly Father for your complete healing. We thank Him everyday for Jesus Cleansing blood to wash away anything in your body that does not line up with His Almighty Word. We speak wholeness and that every cell in your body reproduces purify cleansing blood. We also continue to pray for God's abundant rain to fall upon Jays ministry. We see how your unconditional love has lent itself to Jay's ministry.

We love you. Your brother and sister in Christ,

Theron and April

Dear Tammy:
In any situation, you display your faith and love for God and your fellow man.I am sure you are aware of the many people who draw strength from you and we wish for peace and release from pain for you.
With Love,
Evangelist Jessie Wilson
(Catawba, North Carolina)
Dear Tammy,
I want you to know that i will be praying for you that God will touch your body and that he will heal you. I knw he can and I know he will. Keep the faith and don't ever give up!!!!! Remember God is always on your side.
-Trust in God & hold on
Kathy Hughes
(Santa Clara, Ca.)
Although I never may have known you, I have grown very fond of you, especially when I watched you on VH1. You are an amazing human being, full of life, light and love. May God be with you and your family during these trying times. Don't forget about what the word says about death. It is a much better day when we die, then when we are born. Do not be afraid. If God see's you to it, he'll see you through it sister! I will be praying for you! Don't lose faith or that beautiful spirit and may God bless you always!
(Charlotte NC)
Tammy, I have been touched by your gracious and spirited character during your battle with cancer. My own mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer in 1999. After one chemo treatment her lungs collapsed and she came as close to dying as you can come without actually dying. In early 2000 she was given 6 months to live.
Today she is 79 years old and lives with me, is active, healthy and cancer free. Her doctors call her "the miracle". I'm hoping for a miracle for you Tammy. I think this world still needs your humor, your grace and the love that's so obviously a huge part of your soul. God bless you!
(Novato, CA)

I have watched you from a distance for years. When I think of you I am reminded of;

* acceptence without needing to understand
* love without judgement
* kindness when others forgot
* patience when pushed

What I hope for you most is peace.

You have given so much; it's now time to let go of the pain and let God decide. Either way you win.
Melba Barnette
(Clarksville, TN)
Tammy Faye, You will never know in this lifetime, the untold millions whose hearts you have touched like only you can. It was so great to hear your voice and know your faith in God has not wavered. We Love You and continue to lift you up in prayer for total healing in Jesus Name.
Raine Cole
(Charlotte, NC)
Thank you Tammy for consistently demonstrating the kind of love Jesus commanded us to have for each other. As a member of the LGBT community I am regularly bombarded with the cruel judgmental words, hostile rejection and perpetual condemnation of some who call themselves Christians. You have shown only love to us and that is why we love you so very much in return. I have regularly cited you as an example of a true Christian. I pray that God will share you with us a bit longer.

I grew up watching you on television here in Charlotte and have always admired you. Tammy, you are a remarkable woman and I thank you for being you and sharing all of yourself with us.
(International Falls, MN)
Lots of love sent to you and your family during this difficult time ~ you are all in our thoughts and prayers!
(Clover, SC)
Dear Tammy,
After my freshman year in college, I had the privilege of working at Heritage USA. I was one of the girls that worked in the Jerusalem Shoppe, the little gift shop located outside where the Passion Play ran nightly. I just wanted to say thank you. Working there, I got to see first hand all the wonderful things that you worked so hard to create. It was a beautiful experience for everyone that came through there and it changed my life for the better. I pray now for you to receive complete healing and total peace. You are a special lady that has brought joy to so many. Thank you and God bless you.
I miss running into you at the Metrolina show!The show is just not the same without your presence. I have always enjoyed you and really admire you for your acceptance of all people. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you fight to win your battle. Hang in there girl!
poppy shapiro
(san francisco)
dear tammy,i met you here in sf on your tour with john waters and i've never forgotten your beautiful loving spirit.i love you and i'm praying for you.bless you and your awesome family,poppy
(Charlotte, NC)
Tammy Faye, you are truly an inspiration to so many kinds of people in this world. I believe in God, and I love how you show that it's possible to love God and yet love and support people who are drastically different than you. Your support for the gay community has been so inspriational. Gay people believe in God too, and it's nice to see that you're beautiful enough to accept all kinds of people and realize that God loves us all and not just particular kinds of people. You are the true definition of a real christian, and it really saddens me to be writing this, but I am praying for you. God will take care of you. You have inspired so many people and you've touched them in many ways. Your legacy will remain in tact for ages to come. Much love.
Beverly Hunter
(Cramerton, NC)
Dear Tammy, My prayers are that you will get relief from your pain and find comfort. Please know that you are indeed an inspiration to the World. Your faith is so evident and you have managed to be so brave for such a hard battle with your cancer. May you continue to feel Gods wonderful blessings. My best to you and your family, Beverly Hunter
Dear Tammy: You continue to be tested, but show strength and determination. I love that your faith never falters when you go through trying times. I am saying prayers for you each day. Please know that people all around the world care for and about you. *smile* -M.K. in IL
(new york)
Tammy Faye, you are an inspiration. Funny, bright, and beautiful. I only hope to one day touch someone's life the way you have touched mine. Hang in there kid, you got a lot left to give!!!
karen ross
(greensboro, n.c.)
Tammy, My thoughts and prayers are with you. I pray that God will heal you if it is his will. If he chooses to call you home, you will be meet the father face to face. What a wonderful day that would be. Keep the faith and don't give up.
david c keller
(san juan , Puerto rico)
i heard about the doctors not treating you anymore thrue the tv and for a minute decided to let you know that when i saw the vh1 show i totally change my view and opinion of you. Let me tell you that you have been an inspiration to me. i have the highest regard and respect for you , you have been thrue so much and have kept your composure ,dignity with an incredible streaght. you are an incredible Lady and keeps your spirits if anyone can you can get well soon!!!!
Olivia Alford
(Frisco, Tx)
Don't leave us, Sweetie...we do not have enough light and salt in the earth.
Love, Olivia
Pam and Mark
(Kokomo Indiana)
Tammy. Our prayers are with you. Jesus is not done with you yet. Psalms 91 is a very important chapter in the Bible to me. I love you very much. You have had a very important impact on my life as a Christian. Your going to walk out of the house healded of cancer I totally believe that. Live to tell of the healing of Jesus.
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