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kelly robinson
(zephyrhills fl)
Dear Tammy, I will pray for you as well I am sick to and have been for awhile,so I kinda feel your pain, please surround yourself with people that you love and love you and follow your heart home into out LORDS arms, May God Bless you
Marie Hansen
(Morristown, Tn)
I want you to know that you are in my prayers. God only lends us to this earth for a little while. Some come in to the world and die leaving nothing behind. Others leave a lasting impression. You leave me with Determination, Courage, Strenght, and a great love for God and your family. I wish for you and pray that God sends you a healing miracle over the keys of this computer. I send love to you My sister in Christ.
(Littleton, Colorado)
I just want to wish you well. You are a very sweet and strong spirit. Keep up the good fight and hang in there. : )
John Hughes
(Chico, California)
You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
Watching you through the years I saw only hope, kindness and an un-ending amount of love pouring from your very soul..
Your hope is an inspiration to all.
What you did for people suffering with HIV was amazing at a time when everyone was afraid to touch these poor souls.
I know your strenght and Gods Love will help you over come...
God Bless you,
John Hughes
(Ventura, Ca.)
even while sick tammy always found a way to make us smile, we loved you in sereal life, most of us didnt know Tammy had such a sence of humor. when the time comes we all know God took you from us cuz he needed someone to make him Smile.....
Heather Stewart
Hi Angel ,
I am sending my Love & Angels to help you, as you once helped me. I too went through the Bad Dream (cancer,chemo,radiation) & I have deleted it out of my Life,You Will Too>>
Deny it's existance with your Will & Determination You Are The Power,Not Your Body>>& Please, Please, go to>dr.richard bartlett You can turn this all around if you really want to I know you can***
Please Do Not Give Up You Can Reverse This Instantaneously !!! With All My Love-Light*** Heather*** ((((((((((XOXO)))))))))))
(scarborough ontario)
hi tammy stay strong your in my prayers your an inspiration to all of us love penny
Tammy...I know that Christ is still in the healing business.He loves you and only wants the best for you. Keep trusting in him and know he is still on the throne. He said that he would go and prepare a place for us. And Oh..what a wonderful place that must be. You are in our prayers...for healing...and to take away any pain. I believe we are living in the last days and Christ is about ready to come and take his people home....I pray that you will be here to be caught up to meet Christ in the sky.
(Lexington, NC)
You truly are a blessing. You are so strong and all battles have impressed me with how you can look at the best of things.

I'm praying for you, and honestly...have recently been getting back into searching my faith. From your son, and you being on Surreal Life, dang, you just shine!

Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Be more than happy to fix you a big ole' meal!

Stay strong angel! We need you!
Clyde Gilmour
(Waterloo, Canada)
I wish you pain free Tammy.
(asbury Park, Nj)
You are an inspiration. Up , down. all around. you have had an amplified life. May you have peace and the wealth of knowing you have lived! Hang in ARE strong!
(Sudbury, Ontario Canada)
Tammy, I know you can fight it. My grandmother had cancer 6 times and she was able to fight it each time. So I know you can beat this. I'll pray for your recovery, your a great and kind person, I fell in love with your kindness during Surreal Life. Stay strong and possitive. you have many people who care for your and wish you the best.
Ron V.
(Richmond, Virginia)
Tammy, take up your bed and walk! I have joined my faith with yours for a complete healing. As a child of God, you can place a demand on your healing. While you're standing on God's word, use CD, DVD, cassette, IPOD, etc. to keep His word playing in your home 24/7.
Kathleen Grunwald
(Cambridge, Wisconsin)
Today at 5:55 p.m., CST, I prayed hard for you--with head bent, on my knees. I want so much for you to feel better.
Lynn Wallace
(Norcross Ga)
I pray that this evening finds you resting and peace is filling your room.
What a true example of faith you are!
Blessings and Love to you.

Lynn Wallace
(Hickory NC)
Miss Tammy,
I have loved you for years, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! You are a phenominal woman and one of God's Faithful Servant's. My prayer is that you and your family have peace during this trying time.
susan shell
Tammy; my mother died 2yrs ago from brain cancer, and the radiation was horrible....So,I understand the feelings and hardship you and your family are dealing with....Take care and I know the LORD is with you,always....MY HEART,AND PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU,AND YOUR FAMILY....MAY THE LORD SHINE HIS LIGHT ON YOU AND PROTECT YOU...SUSAN SHELL E-MAIL VSS4960@EARTHLINK.NET
I will pray for you.

For your stomach, please try plain, fat free yogurt (no sugar/flavored) with the most active cultures in it. Helps your immune system. (twice a day)
(Lubbock, Texas)

Don't give up! This is the most important thing. I am only 36 and suffer from cirrhosis and thyroid cancer. I know how exhausting each and every day can be. Let's pray for each other every day. We shall see Jesus when it is time.
Marie H
(Stanhope, NJ )

You are a strong woman and you belive in God and he will never let you down.
God Bless you Tammy.

(New England)
I wish I could just take you to Marshalls or TJ Maxx and we could buy tons of discount clothes. And you could help me put on fake eyelashes (which I don't know how to do)! But with all that said, I believe that when we leave this earth it is a Graduation, a Commencement to a New Life and the next step on our journey for learning and loving. Hopefully, it's not your time yet -- but if it is, may your graduation day be one of celebration of all the learning and wisdom you have acquired on this pathway on Earth. With prayers for your health and for the ease of your pain, Anne
(Oxnard, CA)
Tammy Faye, you were a true witness on "The Surreal Life" when you stood by your beliefs and refused to give in to the others. That was a proud moment for me as a Christian. I pray God grants you and your family comfort and peace. Nothing is too big for God. Love in Christ.
May God grant you peace of soul, heart, mind and body. May He give you "what you need" for the journey.
(Kings Mountain NC)
Hi Tammy, I never did watch the PTL club but I did keep up with the events that unfolded. I think you are a good person at heart and I admire your "don't give up" attitude. I will have you in my prayers often. And, of course, the rest is up to God.
(Lake Ozark Missouri)
Tammy, you have been such a wonderful role model and rock for so many people, near and far. Our prayers are with you, may God wrap his arms around you and bless you. You will alsways be my angle, you touched me many years ago when I was at my lowest point. I will alsway love you for that. It has made a huge difference in the life I have now Thank-you so much love Betty
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